Since 2017, World Connect Travels has been committed to bringing travellers the best in value and quality travel arrangements. Over the years with high level of Trust and Confidence built amongst the local communities, we proudly have gained the trust and confidence and arrange travel from all the states in Australia. As time passed, World Connect Travels reputation grew stronger, especially during the pandemics when we worked 24/7 to help overseas stranded residents fly home.
World Connect Travels main office is based in Melbourne Australia, we have offices in Quetta Pakistan and Kabul Afghanistan for the convenience of our valued customers travelling to Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Our mission is to offer the most affordable travel options and to provide our services to the utmost satisfaction to our valued customers. We speak four languages including English, Hazaragi/Dari/Farsi, Urdu and Hindi. Our friendly and professional consultants will assist you in any international travel enquiry and travel advice. Our professional consultants will not only offer you fair air ticketing options but will also provide you with the most affordable prices on accommodation and travel insurance as well as assist with obtaining visas of certain countries.
At World Connect Travels, we endeavour to provide customers with an enjoyable travel experience and are available 24/7 to assist you while you are abroad (for emergencies and urgency), ensuring that you always have peace of mind in knowing that World Connect Travels can guide and support you.
Our services include International and Domestic Flights, Visas, Travel Insurance, Hotel Accommodation, Itinerary Planning, and Car hire. Our friendly and professional travel consultants will do their utmost to assist you with any of your travel needs.
Visas and Passports: It is your responsibility to ensure you have correct visas and travel documentation for your trip valid for at LEAST 6 MONTHS beyond the period of intended stay and appropriate visas. We are not responsible if your visa application is delayed by the concerned embassy or by postal services. We don’t recommend you book your ticket without obtaining the visa for your destination.
Make sure you re-confirm your tickets 72hrs before departure by contacting us or the airline office, as there may be schedule changes. Failure to re-confirm your travel arrangements may result in cancellation of your reservation.
World Connect Travels does not guarantee or ensure that the services will be provided by any supplier nor changes made by supplier. All prices are subject to change and can be withdrawn unless fully paid. Each ticket has its fare conditions and rules, some of them are refundable and some are non-refundable. Reissue fee plus fare difference may apply depending on your ticket conditions for changing travel dates.
Please note all airlines charge cancellation fees should you wish to cancel your travel plans. Please remember certain fares are non-refundable, and an admin fee applies for processing the refunds.
We are unable to provide refund of tickets to you until we receive the refund from the relevant supplier. Visa applications submitted for all countries are non-refundable including the World Connect Travels admin fee. In case of rejection of visa by the concerned Embassy or authority, the paid fees are non-refundable including World Connect Travels admin fee.
Travel insurance is highly recommended for all travels