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We offer a fast, no-hassle way to get travel visas, passports, and other travel documents for international travel. Our service is available for passports, tourist visas, business visas and other visa types to all over the world including popular destinations such as the United States, India, Vietnam,  China, and other countries.

We specialize in applying for new or renew passports, criminal records certificates (police checks), and the Legalization of documents issued by Australian authorities.

Our specialists are always updated with the latest entry requirements, waiting to help you and save you the time and hassle of waiting in embassy lines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe so, as the right travel insurance can provide peace of mind for a range of scenarios that could befall you while travelling, including injury, illness and cancellations. Ultimately though, the decision to purchase travel insurance is completely up to you and your individual circumstances.
Travel insurance can protect you against financial loss that can come from unforeseen scenarios. Examples of these instances include (but aren’t limited to)
The cost of your travel insurance depends on a range of factors. the cost of your travel insurance policy will also greatly depend on which insurer you go through. As each trip is unique, it’s important you compare from a range of insurers to ensure you’re getting the cover you need at a suitable price.
Excess refers to the amount you’ll pay if you claim on your policy and is agreed upon when you first take out cover. When you make a claim, you’ll pay this amount or have it deducted from your settlement, and your insurer will pay the rest of your costs (e.g. medical bills, cancellations fees) up to your policy’s benefit limit.
Yes, your travel insurance may cover certain lost or stolen items, depending on your type of cover. Insurers may not compensate lost belongings if you were negligent (e.g. you left your belongings unattended), you don’t report the theft to the authorities or if certain valuables – like your computer or jewellery – are placed in your check-in luggage. In order to claim, you must be able to prove the value and your ownership of the items. You’ll also be restricted to only claiming up to your policy’s benefit limit.
Depending on your level of cover, travel insurance can financially safeguard your international and domestic trips from circumstances beyond your control. This may include instances where your luggage is lost or stolen, if you miss that big-ticket event your whole trip was based on, require medical evacuation back home or any other listed scenarios.